Volleyball is a team sport consisting of six players in each team. It is a challenging sport requiring high levels of team spirit, speed, power, endurance and concentration. A team can touch the ball no more than three times on its side of the net before passing the ball to the opponent team and the opponent team can try to block the opponent's spike as the ball crosses the net. The team scores a point if the opponent team fails to return the ball. The players rotate their positions clockwise every time when they score a point from the opposite team.

The Volleyball Club, HKUSTSU was found in 1996. Every year, potential Team Players in the Club are recruited to participate in regular team practice and a wide variety of competitions such as Jackie Chan Challenge Cup, University Sports Federation of Hong Kong (USFHK) Volleyball Competition and HKUST-UM Sports Challenge Cup. This Club is recognized as one of the most reputed Club in HKUST providing professional trainings, coaching and advices, and aiming at developing students who commit to achieve their athletic and personal goals.
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