The Wing Chun Martial Arts Society, HKUSTSU was established by Master Raymond LO Tak On and Master PANG Yiu Kwan sixteen years ago in 1995. The Society aims to provide a media for the HKUST students to know more about Wing Chin Kung Fu and foster students' interest in the Chinese martial arts. Its Master is the disciple of Grandmaster YIP Chun who is the eldest son of the legendary Grandmaster YIP Man. The Society has regular practice twice every week, which last for two hours each. All HKUST students and staff are welcomed to join. Since the Society was established, more than a thousand students have learned Wing Chun through the Society. Some of the senior students have even became teaching assistants.

Besides, in the year 1997, Society members also formed the first night fluorescent Dragon Dance Team in Hong Kong. Their first public performance was on 10 Jul 1997 at the Queen Elizabeth stadium, Wan Chai in a celebration organized by the martial arts colleagues all over Hong Kong celebrating the retum of Hong Kong back to China. During the celebration, there were only three Dragon Dance Teams who have the honor to perfrom in this major public event and it was so proud that HKUST is one of the Teams. Good comments were received. Indeed, during the past fourteen years, the team has done lots of different performance and received many warm welcomes.
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