Korfball is a mixed gender team sport, played with two teams of eight players each. Each team consists of four female and four male players. The objective of the sport is to shoot a ball through a basket that stand on a 3.5 meter high pole. Korfball was founded in the Netherlands in 1902 by Nico Broekhuysen and has many similar features to netball and basketball. With over 500 clubs in its native country, the sport is also very popular in Belgium and Taiwan.
The Korball Club, HKUSTSU, and the first HKUST Korfball Team was formed in 2003. Since then, the number of members have been increasing each year. The Club has organized workshops and competitions at HKUST each year. The Club hopes to continue to spread the awareness of the sport at the University and improve the popularity of the sport in Hong Kong and Asia.
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