Archery, once considered a means for hunting and combat, is considered a sport in the modern day. The objective is to fire arrows using a bow and hit a designated target. Archery is considered as one of the safest sports and may be practiced by anyone from grade-school children to senior citizens. Moreover, the injury rate in archery is also less than one incident per 1,000 participants.

The Archery Club, HKUSTSU was founded in 1996. Outstanding Club Members will be recruited to be Members of the HKUST Archery Team and represent the University to compete in inter-varsity competitions. We have been making a concerted effort to earn fame for the Club among local Archers. The Club has members who hold HK records and has members who have participated in the Asian Games, Universiade and various international events. The Club is recognized to be one of the Sports Clubs at HKUST with superb performance.
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