Rugby is a contact team sport that commonly involves running with an oval-shaped ball where the objective is to tally points by scoring tries and kicking goals while preventing the opponent from doing so. The two main variations of rugby are Rugby Union (15 players) and Rugby League (13 players).

At tertiary level in Hong Kong, we have the opportunity to compete in rugby union for the men, and another format, X’s (10 players) for women. Both men and women also compete in the main Annual Tertiary Rugby Competition, USF Sevens Competition.

The Rugby Club, HKUSTSU, was established to promote the sport of rugby at HKUST to all students interested. The Club accepts new members, holds workshops and trainings all year round to introduce the sport to UST members. Outstanding Clubs Members will be selected to compete on the HKUST Men's or Women's Rugby Team at the competition.
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