HKUST is situated right next to one of the best water areas in Hong Kong. Our campus is ideal for a range of water sports including dragon boat, sea rowing, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing and so on. It would be such a great pity to disconnect from our seafront if we do nothing about it. Therefore, the President decided to take full advantage of our enviable natural endowment and throw full support to developing water sports right here at HKUST.

The vision for developing water sports at HKUST is truly educational. We aspire to create an environment where our students can pursue common interest of sportsmanship, develop their fine competitive spirit, form a sense of esprit de corps, and foster the virtues of discipline, resilience and excellence. This resonates with our mission to give all students a campus life that will prepare them to become the future leaders and lifelong learners. We can also enable our faculty, staff and alumni to come together and build up their affinity with the University to the next level.

A HKUST Water Sports Center Preparatory Task Force was formed in April 2013 to spearhead initiatives and make recommendation for overall development of water sports at HKUST. We have soft-launched the HKUST Water Sports Center on 19 October during the kick-off event of the Dragon Boat Fun Race.
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